In Home and Online Active Movement Meditation Dance

Active Movement Meditation Dance

Dancing is a novel way of practicing active movement meditation. While dancing, we step outside of ourselves and our everyday lives. Dancing provide us with the chance to fully inhabit our bodies and liberate ourselves from our thinking minds. You find various styles of dance in different cultures. Dance has been used in diverse rituals and ceremonies for many years and it is one of the best ways for expressing the emotions.

Bharatanatyam is one of the major forms of Indian classical dance and it expresses South Indian religious themes and spiritual ideas. This form of dance is well-known for its artistic presentation and creative expressions. Bharatanatyam represents spectacular footwork and sophisticated symbolic hands and eyes expressions. There are several dance compositions in Baharatanatyam tradition including Pushpanjali. Pushpanjali is a combination of two words; “Pushpa” meaning flower, and “Anjali” meaning folded hands to show respect and gratitude. Pushpanjali expresses a symbolic salutation to the lord of dance Nataraja, the Guru, the musicians, and the audience. Another well-known example of active movement meditation dance can be traced back in the practice of whirling dervishes. Also known as Mevlevis, these dervishes are the followers of Rumi, the great Persian poet and Sufi mystic. Whirling as a form of remembrance of God, dervishes use meditative dance as part of their spiritual practices.

Offering different styles of active movement meditation dance lessons, Musication instructors design and supervise your lessons based on your artistic abilities and areas of interest. We work with talented dance instructors with diverse dance training backgrounds who can customize each lesson considering each student’s learning abilities and lesson goal.

Giving the opportunity to yourself and to your children to take active movement meditation dance lessons, you enhance your self-awareness and concentration level. Practicing active movement meditation dance, you learn how to express your feelings freely and release your stress and negative energy. Dancing is a great way for high-energy kids to communicate their emotions more easily and improve their self-confidence and social skills. When you take active movement meditation dance lessons, not only you learn dancing techniques, but also you explore different breathing exercises as well as meditation techniques. Body-mind coordination that combines strengthening and stretching poses is the final goal of these lessons, so students realize that their potential is unlimited.