In Home and Online Composition Lessons

Composition Lessons - In home, Studio and Online Classes

Do you want to take your instrumental skill and music theory knowledge one step further? Musication instructors can teach students how to compose their own music. Most of our instructors are accomplished composers whose music has been performed across Canada and internationally. In Musication, we assist students to deepen their musical understanding, find their voices, and write their own pieces.

Taking creative song writing and composition lessons, students find the opportunity to explore different musical styles and enjoy writing musical pieces that everyone loves. Being able to perform their own music and mastering new skills, students improve their self-esteem.

In Musication, we offer each student a personalized lesson plan to have the best chance of success. Adapting the song writing and composition lessons, we believe in the uniqueness of each student. Our talented instructors tailor their student’s lessons and customize each student’s curriculum to accommodate different personal tastes and areas of interests.

Musication Team provides In Home and Online composition lessons. We understand that you may have a hectic life and we do our best to accommodate your busy schedule.