In Home and Online Music Therapy

Music Therapy

At The Musication, we offer individual and group music therapy sessions as an enriching and healing experience for people of all ages, abilities and skill levels. We are currently offering both online and in-person music therapy sessions. The Musication’s music therapists are specialized in working with children with neurological disorder and learning challenges such as autism, speech delay and cerebral palsy. We also offer group and individual music therapy to elderly in senior homes; to teenagers and adults living in group homes, as well as folks in half-way houses who are struggling with mental health and addiction issues.

Before starting any music therapy sessions, therapists typically conduct an assessment to learn more about each client’s needs, so they can set a proper goal for their sessions. Setting a goal, music therapists design various activities for each therapy sessions. After a few sessions, music therapists evaluate the program to make sure everything is working well. Music therapy sessions can be one on one or in a group. The duration of the therapy depends on the patient’s needs.

Music Therapy for Children with Special Needs

Music gives everyone including children with special needs the possibility to communicate more easily. In our music therapy sessions children can use a range of musical activities – singing, playing instruments, improvising, songwriting and listening to music. These activities are intended to promote communication and social skills such as making eye contact, sharing attention, and taking turns. Therapists can also use musical activities to teach new skills. This happens by pairing new skills with their own musical cues. Once children have learned the skills, they no longer need the cues. The cues are gradually phased out until the skills happen by themselves.

For a child with autism, a music therapist might also write lyrics about specific behavior – for example, turn-taking. The therapist sings the lyrics to the melody of a song the child knows well. The idea is that the child might be better able to focus on sung information than spoken information.

Music Therapy for Older Adults

Music Therapy provides older adults with the opportunity to maintain good physical and mental health. Music therapy for the elderly can help with a variety of issues, including: speech skills, physical skills, and cognitive well-being. For any avenue of music therapy for older population, it’s important that the music resonates with them personally. You can request a music therapy session at a senior home, at the comfort of your own home, or online. At The Musication, we offer different programs for older adults including: Senior Music Group, Caregiver & Music Therapy, and Palliative Care.

In our music therapy sessions, we make sure that we customize each of our music therapy programs based on our clients need and areas of interest.