How It Works - Musication

How It Works

Book a free assessment
Receive your assessment summary
Schedule your lessons and enjoy your customized music sessions

Why Us - Musication

Why Us

We work with talented music educators with diverse musical interests
We provide a customized lesson plan for each student because we believe each student is unique
We offer a free trial lesson
We provide you with the possibility to easily track all your lesson scheduling and billing process
Why Blended Lessons - Musication

Why Blended Lessons

Students supplement their one on one music lessons by completing online multimedia coursework
Students can upload the audio and video recordings of their weekly practices at our online learning platform and receive feedback from instructors
Students can track their progress through Musication interactive learning platform and much more!




We work with the brightest, most experienced music teachers in GTA. We evaluate our music teachers based on their level of education and teaching method. We conduct a detailed reference and background check on all of our teachers.

Personalized Curriculum

We believe everyone of us is unique and special and we offer every student a tailored lesson plan. Our teachers craft a personalized curriculum for each student ensuring that all students achieve their potential. If your teacher isn’t the right fit, we will match you with a different instructor or refund any unused payments.


We provide you with the possibility to simply manage and track your classes, billings and payments. You can easily manage your class scheduling, cancellation or makeup session request online.