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Active Movement Medication Dance

Number of Sessions: 10

Meditation/Dance Background: Not required

Age Group: All age groups

Course Fee: $150 (%20 Off for early bird registration until June 22)

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This course does not require any prior dance or meditation background and is suitable for diverse age groups.

Course Description:
The Musication is now offering an Active Movement Meditation Dance course. Dancing is a novel way of practicing active movement meditation. While dancing, we step outside of ourselves and our everyday lives. Dancing provide us with the chance to fully inhabit our bodies and liberate ourselves from our thinking minds.

This Active Movement Meditation course is based on Bharatanatyam, a major form of Indian classical dance. This spiritual dance is well-known for its artistic presentation and creative expressions. Bharatanatyam represents spectacular footwork and sophisticated symbolic hands and eyes expressions.

There are several dance compositions in Baharatanatyam tradition and in this course, we focus on one of them, known as Pushpanjali. Pushpanjali is a combination of two words; “Pushpa” meaning flower, and “Anjali” meaning folded hands to show respect and gratitude. Pushpanjali expresses a symbolic salutation to the lord of dance Nataraja, the Guru, the musicians, and the audience.

Concepts Covered in This Course:
Breathing Techniques, Basics of Indian Classical Dance, Body and Mind Coordination

Instructor Bio:
Holding a BA degree in drama acting, Shima decided to move to India to study Indian classical dance forms. She studied Kathakali under the supervision of Guru Evoor Rajendran Pillai at the International Centre for Kathakali, New Delhi and she completed her Bharatanatyam training with Guru Justin McCarthy at Shiriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, Guru Padmashri Geeta Chandran Natya Vriksha, New Delhi, and Guru Hari Padman Kalakshetra, Chennai, India. To expand her dance and movement horizons, Shima completed several yoga training courses and received her Yoga TTC at the international Sivananda vedanta center in Neyyar Dam, India in 2011. Shima performed in several prestigious dance festivals around the world including NATYANJALI Festival in India.