In Home and Online World Music Lessons

World Music

World music is broadly interpreted as the traditional music of different cultures outside North America and Western Europe. As an educational Canadian institute, Musication provides multicultural music lessons for students with diverse musical interests and cultural backgrounds. No matter if you are passionate to learn how to play the Indian Sitar, Persian Santour, or you have always dreamed of learning the Oud, in Musication we can make your dream come true.

We work with great instructors from diverse musical background who can teach you in the comfort of your home. Our talented world music instructors tailor their student’s lessons and customize each student’s curriculum to accommodate different personal tastes and areas of interests. We believe each student is unique and requires a personalized lesson plan to have the best chance of success.

We believe World music lessons can be used as an effective means for a better understanding of cultural diversity and racial tolerance in our society.