In Home and Online music for children Lessons

Music for Children

Children of different age groups can participate in our Children Music lessons. Our main goal in Children Music lessons is to build a strong foundation in music education and create a deep love and appreciation for music among our young students. We do our best, so our young students carry the love of music with them throughout their lives. This program is designed based on the Orff Schulwerk approach to music education that is holistic, experiential and process oriented and is suitable for children with differing musical abilities.

In this program, students study musical concepts while singing, playing, and dancing together. Students learn new materials, as they improvise and use their imagination. The music instructor leads the class through pedagogy designed to improve children's senses of rhythm, metre, melody, pitch, timbre by focusing on fun and engaging stories. Teaching children new musical concepts and expanding their musical terminology, instructor engages students in diverse activities to enhance their cultural knowledge as well as their interpersonal communication and language skills.

Our children music program includes online and in-person music sessions for children along with a parent or caregiver. Children and their parents or caregivers sing, play, and dance together to create deep bonds, while they improve their language skills and musical knowledge. Involving parents and caregivers in the sessions, we help children make music and inspire their family members.

Students’ learning would not be limited to their weekly lessons and they find the opportunity to connect with their instructors at all times through Musication’s online learning platform. Musication’s online learning tools assist students’ parents review key concepts of their children lessons, access free educational materials and track their music learning progress. In addition, families find the chance to upload audio or video recordings of their children’s practices for their instructors to receive feedback.