Career Paths in Music

Career Paths in Music

The Musication Team

No matter if you aim to pursue a career in music field or not, having a great record of music education will definitely make your resume more impressive. Although some people consider learning music just as their hobby, a number of individuals may find it as an opportunity to make their dream career come true. In this brief article, we review how music education can broaden your job options. Thinking about career options in music field, you may only think of becoming a singer or playing a musical instrument in an orchestra.

However, you should be aware that there are more career options in music field. For instance, have you ever heard of a music therapist, recording engineer, or music journalist?

  • Music Therapist is someone who designs music sessions for clients to help them improve their cognitive skills as well as emotional and social wellbeing through musical responses and the use of music lessons, and sing-a-longs.
  • A Recording Engineer works on the sound production of live shows and music recordings and is responsible for operation and setups of the equipment to record, synchronize, or reproduce music, voice, and sound effects.
  • Music Journalists reports on music news, writes album reviews, and conducts interviews with musicians for print, online, and broadcast media.

Being aware of all the possible opportunities you can explore while studying music, you can make the best decision for your future.