How music can bring the family members together?

How music can bring the family members together?

The Musication Team

Have you ever noticed that most of the families share at least one favorite song and they sing it when they get to gather? In family gatherings and special occasions music brings people closer together. Can you imagine a birthday party without a “Happy Birthday” or a Christmas celebration without “Jingle Bells” songs?



Not long ago, live music performance or sing- along was part of the majority of family gatherings. You could easily find one or two persons with singing or playing talents who would love to have fun and perform their family’s favorite melodies when they are hanging out.



Nowadays, people spend so much time with their phones or tablets and do not find a chance for nurturing and positive in-person communications. The easy access to the Internet impacted how family members interact and as a result many families started seeking out for creation of bonding time away from electronic devices and technology. One of the best solutions for encouraging the family members to spend more time together is through listening to music or performing a beautiful piece.



Providing the opportunity for the younger generation to learn a musical instrument or possibly enhance their vocal techniques, parents will find the chance to plan music nights and encourage their children to share their new music lessons with the rest of the family. Children will be motivated to practice their music lessons throughout the week and be prepared for their music night performance. Also, the music nights give the parents the chance to share their taste in music with their children and talk about their emotional connections to different songs. Children explore the magical power of music through their parent’s life stories and more importantly connect with them in deeper levels. Having the opportunity to talk about their feelings while sharing their favorite music pieces, parents find a new way to bond with their children.