In home, online and blended Piano, Voice, Guitar & Violin Lessons in Edmonton

Private In Home and Online Piano Lessons in Edmonton

Piano is one of the best choices when it comes to making a decision about a musical instrument suitable for all age groups. Majority of musicians started their music education by learning how to play the piano. Research indicates that playing the piano has a deep influence on people’s creativity (Limb&Braun 2008). Proving your children with the chance to play the piano, you give them the possibility to improve their hand-eye coordination. The Musication Team has significant experience in working with students with different areas of interest as well as unlike goals for their piano lessons. Being a fundamental music instrument, piano is one of the most common instruments not only for music education, but also for composition.

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Private In Home and Online Violin Lessons in Edmonton

One of the world’s most beloved music instruments, violin is a great instrument to start your musical journey with. Violin lessons are a great way to master your body and mind coordination. The Violin’s unique performance gestures allow you to express your feelings more freely. You only need to have a deep love for this instrument, as there is not a perfect age to start playing the violin. You can start your violin lessons as soon as you feel ready. In Musication, we work with talented violin teachers who are ready to tailor your violin lessons based on your areas of interest as well as your learning goals.

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Private In Home and Online Guitar Lessons in Edmonton

Isn’t it fun to be able to carry your musical instrument with you? Learning guitar is a great way to explore this unique possibility. If you are interested in playing music for your family and friends and bringing them closer together, learning the guitar will be a great choice. Guitar is known as one of the fundamental musical instruments that gives you the opportunity of experiencing various playing styles from classical to Rock. No matter which musical styles you decide to pursue, you enhance your organizational and time management skills. Playing the guitar not only improves your hand-eye coordination, but it also helps you to sharpen your concentration.

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Private In Home and Online Vocal Lessons in Edmonton

Do you love singing but not sure how to improve your vocal techniques? In Musication, we work with a great team of talented voice teachers with different music styles who are ready to help you. Even if you have a busy schedule, we accommodate your schedule so you can take your private voice lessons at your own home. Singing will help you to release your negative emotions and stress.

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Private In Home and Online Drum Lessons in Edmonton

Drum is one of the instruments that have been played in all different cultures. This instrument has been used in diverse rituals and ceremonies for so many years and it is one of the best instruments for expressing your emotions.

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Private In Home and Online Composition Lessons in Edmonton

Do you want to take your instrumental skill and music theory knowledge one step further? Musication instructors can teach students how to compose their own music. Most of our instructors are accomplished composers whose music has been performed across Canada and internationally. In Musication, we assist students to deepen their musical understanding, find their voices, and write their own pieces.

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Music Therapy in Edmonton

At The Musication, we offer individual and group music therapy sessions as an enriching and healing experience for people of all ages, abilities and skill levels. We are currently offering both online and in-person music therapy sessions. The Musication’s music therapists are specialized in working with children with neurological disorder and learning challenges such as autism, speech delay and cerebral palsy. We also offer group and individual music therapy to elderly in senior homes; to teenagers and adults living in group homes, as well as folks in half-way houses who are struggling with mental health and addiction issues.
Before starting any music therapy sessions, therapists typically conduct an assessment to learn more about each client’s needs, so they can set a proper goal for their sessions. Setting a goal, music therapists design various activities for each therapy sessions. After a few sessions, music therapists evaluate the program to make sure everything is working well. Music therapy sessions can be one on one or in a group. The duration of the therapy depends on the patient’s needs.

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World Music Lessons in Edmonton

music is broadly interpreted as the traditional music of different cultures outside North America and Western Europe. As an educational Canadian institute, Musication provides multicultural music lessons for students with diverse musical interests and cultural backgrounds. No matter if you are passionate to learn how to play the Indian Sitar, Persian Santour, or you have always dreamed of learning the Oud, in Musication we can make your dream come true.

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Online Music Lessons

Have you always desired to play a musical instrument, but felt you were too busy to accomplish? If you have a great passion for music but your working hours does not allow you to go to a music studio or take lessons in your home, online music education can be a great solution for you.
We believe that online learning has the potential to revolutionize music education. Online music education has become a very popular way to learn a new musical instrument or to advance music knowledge, while balancing family and professional responsibilities.

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