Musication’s Blended Music Learning Program

Musication’s Blended Music Learning Program


Musication’s Blended Music Lessons consist of one-on-one modes of instruction that can be virtual or in-person, with technology mediated instruction in a way that one compliments the other. In Musication’s blended music program, students and instructors have the flexibility to schedule their one-on-one lessons in-person or via online video conference. Drawing on appropriate use of technology, our instructors combine online educational materials with one-on-one music learning methods.

When students take blended music lessons with Musication, their learning would not be limited to their weekly lessons and they find the opportunity to connect with their instructors at all times through Musication’s online learning platform. Students would be able to communicate with their instructors using a suite of secure online tools inside the learning management system of Musication website. Musication’s online learning tools assist students review key concepts of their lessons, access free educational materials and track their music learning progress. In addition, students are able to upload audio or video recordings of their practices, so their instructors can evaluate their progress.

Considering each student’s goal, learning needs, and areas of interests, instructors personalize blended music lessons to create a more engaging and dynamic learning experience for our students.

The followings are the advantages of taking blended music lessons with Musication:

  • Blended music lessons allow for personalized music education, replacing the model where students’ learning would be restricted to the weekly one-on-one music lessons.

  • In blended music learning, students supplement their one-on-one music lessons by completing online multimedia coursework on Musication online platform.

  • Blended music learning allows students to work at their own pace, communicate with their instructor at all time, and make sure they fully understand new concepts before their upcoming one-on-one music lesson.

  • Musication interactive learning platform collects each student’s weekly music practice data and measures students’ music learning progress.

  • Appropriate use of technology makes Musication’s Blended Music lessons more effective than traditional music lessons.