Playing Video Games or Learning a New Song?

Playing Video Games or Learning a New Song?

The Musication Team

These days children spend long hours on screens, mostly playing video games. Although screens can have benefits such as learning new information and staying up to date with current events, overuse of screens can have negative impacts on children’s mental and physical health. Would you rather your children be playing video games all day or learning how to play a new song?

One of the great solutions for encouraging children to spend more quality time with their family members is through engaging them with music. Giving the children the chance to learn a musical instrument or possibly enhance their vocal techniques, parents will find the possibility to plan music nights and encourage their children to perform their new music lessons for the rest of the family. 

Music education has several positive impacts on the intellectual, social, and personal development of children. Music lessons help children learn how to concentrate and stay focused. Taking music lessons, children practice how to be present in the moment and to focus on the technique it takes to make the music. Playing music is a great way for kids to clear their minds of stress and concentrate on an artistic activity. Children enhance their self-esteem and build confidence by learning music. Finding performance opportunities, kids also improve in areas such as public speaking and social abilities. 

In Musication we believe that, all these positive impacts only happen when children are deeply enjoying their music learning experience. While taking music lessons, children learn to accept and utilize constructive criticism. We understand that children will be motivated and experience the best result when their learning style matches with their instructor’s teaching style. Therefore, we offer each kid a personalized lesson plan, so all the students with any learning needs develop and consolidate their musical potential in the best possible way.